Desire Non-Slip Leggings in White
Desire Non-Slip Leggings in White
Desire Non-Slip Leggings in White
Desire Non-Slip Leggings in White
Desire Non-Slip Leggings in White

Desire Non-Slip Leggings in White



Desire Non-Slip Leggings in CoralDesire Non-Slip Leggings in SwirlDesire Non-Slip Leggings in BlackDesire Non-Slip Leggings in WhiteDesire Non-Slip Leggings in YellowDesire Non-Slip Leggings in RedDesire Non-Slip Leggings in Pink
Size:S - 36

Years in the making, our Desire non-slip leggings are the ultimate non-slip garment – ideal for wearing both on and off the ice. Fitted at the waist and with high-quality four-way stretch fabric, the Chique Sport leggings are non-slip all the way, so you won’t have to keep hoisting them up while you train. This means you can concentrate fully on your sport without worrying about the state of your gear.

The moulded material of these leggings gives a sleek and stylish look, as well as ensuring a snug fit and they’re also incredibly hard-wearing - perfect for being on the ice. Designed for complete comfort and flexibility, our leggings go the extra mile to give our sportswomen reliable gear that won’t let them down.

Double mesh-cut features cross the front and back of the ankle areas on this style, which ensures ease of movement, and both a block colour and mesh-look stripe also feature. The Chique Sport reflective logo is displayed discreetly on the lower back left leg area.

An innovative solution to the age-old problem of having ripped and holey fabric around the ankle area of your leggings is also provided with our special cut-resistant fabric. Having scoured the globe to find the very best material, we chose a durable yet fully flexible lightweight fabric, making our figure skating leggings like no others on the market.

The cut-resistant panels are located around the hooks area of the skates and outer boot to protect against the blades when crossing your legs in the air position.

Available in all our Chique Sport colours.

Key features:

  • Non-slip
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Fitted waistband
  • Flexible fit
  • Durable
  • Cut-resistant fabric
  • Flatlock black outside seam

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It takes a professional to produce professional results, which is why Chique Sport clothing has quickly become the go-to brand for pro figure skaters around the world. Developed by British national champion and figure skating coach, Jenna McCorkell, Chique Sport is a sportswear collection designed specifically for elite figure skaters by someone who knows exactly what good training gear requires.

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With breathable, flexible fabric, our Chique Sport products are ideal for the sports people who wants to make a style statement – allowing you to train well and look great as you do.