Train to Win Bodywarmer - Black
Why train in the cold when you can enjoy the same flexibility of movement wrapped in your cosy Chique Sport bodywarmer? Fully fitted, the stretch fabric has the same lightweight feel as the rest of our sportswear range, so will...
  • Black
Train to Win coat - BLACK
Our lightweight mid-length coat has a full zip and round neck, with flattering panelling running across the body and arm areas. Vertical panels at the sides also add definition and give a slimming silhouette, with two front zip pockets for...
Perform to Win Bodywarmer - White
Versatile and comfortable, our figure-hugging Perform to Win bodywarmer is available in striking ice-white, with a subtle diamond-shaped design cut onto the fabric. This contrasts with the bolder horizontal panels of the Train to Win style, creating a fantastic new...
  • White
Perform to Win coat - White
Our Perform to Win coat is a classic mid-length garment in ice-white, perfect for wearing on and off the ice thanks to its lightweight, fitted design. Made from 100% polyester with a matt finish, the fabric has a striking vertical...
  • White
Perform to Win Mid-length coat - White
Perfect for autumn and winter-wear, our Perform to Win Mid-length Coat is similar in style to our regular Perform to Win Coat. This latest design, however, provides even more protection against the elements, thanks to its extra length and some...
  • White
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