About Chique Sport

Train in style, win in style

As someone who’s spent most of her life on the ice, Jenna McCorkell knows a thing or two about sportswear – what works and what doesn’t when you’re training and competing. A multi-award-winning figure skater and now also a highly sought-after coach, Jenna is passionate about ice skating and all that it entails – including, clothes.

Growing up in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, Jenna overcame many challenges throughout her career, not least travelling long distances to train when her local ice rink closed. However, one challenge she never really conquered was finding the perfect clothes to skate in …

She may be an eleven-time British national champion and winner of seven senior international medals. She may have competed in the European Championships, the World Championships and at two Winter Olympics, but even Jenna McCorkell struggled to find sportswear she really loved.

The solution? She decided to make it herself.

Quality women’s sportswear designed by a pro

Back in 2014, Jenna hung up her skates as a professional competitor, retiring from the international stage to focus on coaching the next generation. Based in Belgium with her husband and fellow skater, Kevin Van der Perren, and with a bit more time at her disposal, she decided to pursue her other passion – designing sportswear.

Having accumulated numerous sketches of clothing she’d like to make throughout her career, Jenna got straight to work, spending the next two years sourcing the perfect material for her figure skating leggings. Indeed, these particular garments are a key element of the Chique Sport collection. Jenna was keen to eliminate the issues she’d encountered in the past – namely, leggings that snagged and tore around the ankles – so sourcing fabric that was durable, flexible and wearable was key.

Research and design: Finding the perfect fabric

To ensure that the Chique Sport leggings delivered on all fronts, extensive research and rigorous product testing was carried out over a number of years, with multiple materials and designs trialled. The final fabric had to be incredibly hard-wearing for training on the ice but also, non-slip, so skaters wouldn’t have to keep hoisting the leggings up.

Another crucial feature that Jenna wanted to get just right was the waistband, so meticulous attention was also given over to designing one which is fully fitted to prevent slippage during wear. When at last the fabric was chosen, it was therefore of the very highest standard and ready to hit the ice.

With this same dedication to detail put into designing the entire Chique Sport collection, the result is a range of women’s sportswear that not only performs well, but is also stylish and attractive.

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