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Training Staples

As a female figure skater, life is sure to be full of twists and turns. And as you perfect your skating skillset, you can be confident that Chique Sport clothing will support you along the way.

Comfortable training bottoms are a must-have for any athlete. Think fashion-forward styles, lightweight flexible fits, and ZERO wardrobe mishaps. Our Women's figure skating leggings are the perfect training staple, with high-waisted designs that won't rip on the ice.

Chique Sport

Wow Factor

If you're wanting something a little more niche, then go for a pair of women's figure skating shorts or a gym skirt style. 

Why not match with our women's figure skating tops and t-shirts, or layer up with a sports hoodie or sweatshirt? Our performance jackets and padded coats are also the perfect outerwear option for those chilly journeys to and from practice.

If you're wanting the wow factor, you won't want to miss our all-in-one training gear options. Choose between women's figure skating dressesshortsuits, and catsuits. Our figure skating leotards are also a popular choice for on and off-ice pursuits. 

Chique Sport

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Belgian Bodywarmer Womens
Sale price€135,95
Fearless Crop Hoodie
Sale price€94,95
Fearless T-shirt
Sale price€82,95
Fearless Skirt
Sale price€90,95
Fearless Half-zip Top
Sale price€108,95
Fearless Long-sleeve Top
Sale price€97,95
Fearless Tank Top
Sale price€68,95
Fearless Crop Top
Sale price€74,95
Empower Padded Half-zip Top
Sale price€109,95
Empower High Rise Shorts
Sale price€53,95
Empower Off Ice Leggings
Sale price€72,95
Empower Relax Fit Leggings
Sale price€77,95
Empower On Ice Leggings
Sale price€120,95
Empower Sleeveless Leotard
Sale price€110,95
Empower Long Sleeve Leotard
Sale price€120,95
Empower Crop Top
Sale price€59,95
Empower Long Sleeve Crop
Sale price€86,95
Empower Long Sleeve Top
Sale price€100,95
Empower Dress
Sale price€159,95
Empower Tank Top
Sale price€68,95
Perform to Win Mid-length coat
Sale price€204,95
Cropped Sweatshirt
Sale price€82,95
Loose Fit Shorts
Sale price€71,95
Save 60%
Loose Fit ShortsLoose Fit Shorts
Loose Fit Shorts
Sale price€22,95 Regular price€56,95
Save 60%
Fierce Shorts SuitFierce Shorts Suit
Fierce Shorts Suit
Sale price€50,95 Regular price€125,95
Fierce Sleeveless Crop Top
Sale price€57,95
Fierce X Crop Top
Sale price€59,95
Fierce Halo Crop Top
Sale price€59,95
Fierce Open-back Sweatshirt
Sale price€90,95
Fierce A-line Skirt
Sale price€84,95
Fierce Shorts Suit
Sale price€120,95
Fierce Catsuit
Sale price€179,95
Inspire Off-ice Leggings
Sale price€73,95
Inspire Non-Slip Leggings
Sale price€120,95
Inspire Half-Zip Top
Sale price€109,95
Inspire Long-Sleeve Top
Sale price€97,95
Inspire Crop Top
Sale price€85,95
Inspire T-shirt
Sale price€73,95
Perform to Win Bodywarmer
Sale price€141,95
Perform to Win coat
Sale price€177,95
Sports Bra
Sale price€49,95
Save 40%
Sale price€28,95 Regular price€47,95
Train to Win coat
Sale price€170,95
Desire Long-Sleeve Top
Sale price€91,95
Passion Long-Sleeve Top
Sale price€92,95
Desire Half-Zip Top
Sale price€102,95
Passion Half-Zip Top
Sale price€103,95
Passion Tank Top
Sale price€67,95
Train to Win Bodywarmer
Sale price€135,95