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Men's Figure Skating Gear

Strength & Confidence

Lead with strength and confidence, with the Men's Figure skating clothing range at Chique Sport. Whether you're perfecting a basic toe loop jump or trying to master the allusive axel - we know how important reliable sportswear can be.

Check out our range of men's sports tops and t-shirts, which come in a variety of sleeve lengths to suit all styles. Black sportswear is a classic staple among male athletes, so why not pair our gym tops with matching black joggers, for an overall coordinated look?

Better yet, combine with a matching men's hoodie for the ultimate three-piece sweatsuit.

Chique Sport

OUtdoor Essentials

We've got you covered when it comes to men's outerwear essentials too - our Chique Sport jackets and coats are great for journeys to and from the rink, keeping you cozy, comfortable, and fashion-conscious during outdoor pursuits.

Whatever your activewear needs are, the men's range at Chique Sport will certainly meet the mark!

Chique Sport

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Limited Edition 5th Birthday Hooded SweatshirtLimited Edition 5th Birthday Hooded Sweatshirt
Limited Edition 5th Birthday Hooded Sweatshirt
Sale price€49,95 Regular price€83,95
Power Jogging Bottoms
Sale price€73,95
Men's Train to Win Bodywarmer
Sale price€135,95
Power Half-zip Top
Sale price€92,95
Power Sweatshirt
Sale price€73,95
Men's Train To Win Hooded Coat
Sale price€170,95
Power T-Shirt
Sale price€73,95
Power Long-sleeve Top
Sale price€85,95
Empower Padded Half-zip Top
Sale price€114,95
Fearless T-Shirt
Sale price€62,95
Fearless Shorts
Sale price€56,95
Men's Train To Win Coat
Sale price€170,95