Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle
Accessories Bundle

Accessories Bundle

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The accessories bundle includes:

  • Snood
  • Blanket
  • Micro-fibre Cloth
  • Bottle



Made from soft polyester micro-fibre, the Chique Sport Snood is perfect for keeping you warm during training, either on or off-ice. This breathable fabric has been specially selected for its top moisture-wicking qualities, as well as for durability, so you can wear it in confidence, whatever you’re doing.

Ultra-light and incredibly cosy against the skin, the snood can be worn in multiple ways – for example, around your neck as a neck-warmer, as a hood, a scrunchie, headband or bandana. The choice is up to you how you style it, but you can rest assured that whatever way you wear it, your Chique Sport Snood will always look great.

Available in black, with the white Chique Sport logo appearing in a repeating pattern across the fabric, this is a seamless accessory which will complement any outfit.

Key features

  • Polyester micro-fibre fabric
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Soft and comfy
  • Durable 
  • Multiple styling options


Incredibly comfortable and perfect for snuggling up in after a busy training session, the Chique Sport Blanket is made from super-soft fleece which is 100% knitted polyester. That means it’s very durable and will wash easily, lasting you long into the future.

Featuring a repeating pattern of the Chique Sport logo in white against a black background, the blanket design matches that of our snood and micro-fibre cloth. 

Key features:

  • 100% knitted polyester 
  • Long-lasting
  • Soft fleecy fabric

Micro-fibre Cloth

Specially designed for drying off blades after skating, the Chique Sport Micro-fibre Cloth is made from high-quality micro-fibre towel fabric on one side, with the Chique Sport logo appearing on the other. The logo appears in a repeat pattern of white against a black background, as like the Chique Sport snood and towel, while the towel side is plain.

Performing much better than regular cloths, micro-fibre is ideal for taking care of your skates and will stand the test of time.

Key features:

  • Soft and durable micro-fibre towel
  • Chique Sport logo design



Available in the matching pattern, our 700ml refillable Chique Sport water bottles are perfect for use while training or when you’re out and about. Made from aluminium, which gives a gorgeous metallic sheen to each of the bottles, they’re lightweight and have a handy black plastic and metal keyring accessory, so can easily be attached to bags.

Packaged in slim, rectangular black cardboard boxes, the Chique Sport water bottles are designed for maximum convenience, with screw-top black plastic lids, ribbed on each side for easy grip when opening.

A sturdy clear plastic whistle-shaped mouthpiece is flipped open for drinking and extends down into the bottle’s dove-grey interior as a straw, tucking neatly into the slightly elongated black plastic handle when not in use. Meanwhile, the handle is the perfect shape for hooking a finger under while carrying the bottle in transit.

Additional points to note:

  • The water bottles hold 700ml and are designed for use with water only.
  • Do not exceed product capacity.
  • Always ensure that the screw top is screwed securely before using, to avoid leakage. However, don’t overtighten the lid.
  • Grasp the product firmly around the middle when opening and closing the lid.
  • Clean the water bottle by hand with warm soapy water after each use.
  • Do not use bleach or chlorine-based cleaning products on the bottle.
  • Do not put the water bottle in the microwave.
  • Every Chique Sport water bottle carries a Food Standards Agency-approved wine glass and fork symbol on its base, to show the products are safe to use. The symbol is also located on the bottom of each product box.

*Product is not guaranteed against leakage.
*Due to COVID-19 water bottles are non refundable or exchangeable.

Chique Sport

Training Gear That Works As Hard As You

Jenna McCorkell

Pro Gear by a Pro Figure Skater and coach

It takes a professional to produce professional results, which is why Chique Sport clothing has quickly become the go-to brand for pro figure skaters around the world. Developed by British national champion and figure skating coach, Jenna McCorkell, Chique Sport is a sportswear collection designed specifically for elite figure skaters by someone who knows exactly what good training gear requires.

breathable & flexible

Materials That Stretch to Your limit

With breathable, flexible fabric, our Chique Sport products are ideal for the sports people who wants to make a style statement – allowing you to train well and look great as you do.

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