Chique Sport and Team Germany!🇩🇪

Chique Sport and Team Germany!🇩🇪

We are delighted to share that we will be expanding and continuing our partnership with DEU🇩🇪

We are delighted to share that we will be expanding and continuing our partnership with DEU🇩🇪 Chique Sport will supply the German national team with team clothing until 2025!

This is a great opportunity to support the German national team and also grow the brand in a new territory for Chique Sport. I think we can create some great teamwear and new exciting projects. I think this cooperation is a great fit for Chique Sport as we both want the best for the athletes by providing support from the DEU and great team clothing to make them look and feel good on the ice” - Jenna McCorkell, Company Director of Chique Sport

During our trip to Oberstdorf for Nebelhorn Trophy, we got the opportunity to speak exclusively with the German national team, to find out their thoughts on the kit and goals for the new season…get the low down below👇

What are your thoughts on the German team kit?

We’re very happy to have a full kit! With the warmer jacket aswell as a jacket for competitions. Love that it’s black to go with all competition outfits!” - Annika Hocke & Robert Krunkell

It’s very stylish, I like the black and gold colours!” - Nikita Starostin 

“We love it! It’s cool, goes well with the German flag with the gold detail.It’s also very comfortable.” - Jennifer Janse von Rensburg & Benjamin Steffan

What are your goals for the new season?

Firstly to qualify for the European and World Championships. Before that we’d love to skate at a Grand Prix and be well prepared to show our best. “ Alisa Efimova & Ruben Blommaert

Get a good placement at the next Junior Grand Prix, win the German Nationals and compete at Junior Worlds! “ Darya Grimm & Michail Savitskiy

My goals are to deliver beautiful programs and a clean skate, with beautiful expression and emotion. Also to enjoy myself and not be nervous! “ - Nikita Starostin 

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