Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black
Ignite Sports Bra in Black

Ignite Sports Bra in Black

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Ignite Sports Bra in SpiceIgnite Sports Bra in BlackIgnite Sports Bra in TruffleIgnite Sports Bra in Taupe

Ignite Sports Bra

A new staple for your wardrobe, the Ignite Sports Bra is defined by its stylish back design, which includes a dotted black mesh panel across the middle of the back, along with black strap detailing. The black mesh panel is supported at the base by a thick black strap, while a dome-shaped piece of four-way stretch fabric in your chosen colour for the bra sits above the mesh and runs under the shoulder blades.

The Chique Sport logo is positioned at the centre of this material, with two black spaghetti straps extending up vertically to connect with the front of the bra. An additional pair of spaghetti straps then criss-crosses with these at the top, extending from either side of the neck to run under the armpits.

The front of the Ignite Sports Bra is made from our durable four-way stretch fabric and is again, in the colour of your choice (taupe, spice, truffle or black), with this front section left plain, in contrast to the detailing on the back. The only extra embellishment on the front is the thick black strap which continues around from the back and encircles the base of the bra.

Perfect for wearing during your training sessions, the Ignite Sports Bra is just as stylish as any of our other garments, with the same attention to detail given over to the design. Made with functionality as well as style in mind, this is a comfortable piece of underwear which will give you the support you need while also being breathable and flexible enough to wear during training.


The Ignite Sports Bra is available in taupe, spice, truffle and black – and in both adult and children’s sizes (128cm-164cm in children’s and XS-XL in adults). Ellie is wearing xxxs, Mya is wearing xxs and layla is wearing xs 

Key details:

  • Dotted black mesh back panel.
  • Black criss-crossing back straps.
  • Chique Sport logo on front.

Chique Sport

Trainingsausrüstung, die genauso hart arbeitet wie Sie

Jenna McCorkell

Pro-Ausrüstung von einem professionellen Eiskunstläufer und Trainer

Um professionelle Ergebnisse zu erzielen, bedarf es eines Profis, weshalb sich Chique Sport-Bekleidung schnell zur bevorzugten Marke für Profi-Eiskunstläufer auf der ganzen Welt entwickelt hat. Chique Sport wurde von der britischen Nationalmeisterin und Eiskunstlauftrainerin Jenna McCorkell entwickelt und ist eine Sportbekleidungskollektion, die speziell für Elite-Eiskunstläufer von jemandem entwickelt wurde, der genau weiß, was gute Trainingsausrüstung erfordert.

atmungsaktiv und flexibel

Materialien, die bis an Ihre Grenzen reichen

Mit atmungsaktivem, flexiblem Stoff sind unsere Chique Sport-Produkte ideal für Sportler, die ein modisches Statement setzen möchten – damit Sie gut trainieren und dabei gut aussehen können.