Young skater holder figure skates over shoulder

Ice Dancing vs Pairs Figure Skating

Discover the differences between these iconic figure skating disciplines!
Top 10 Basic Figure Skating Moves

Top 10 Basic Figure Skating Moves

Bring it back to basics, as we count down easy figure skating tricks for complete newbies!
Exploring the History of Figure Skating

Exploring the History of Figure Skating

Journey through the history of ice and figure skating, from it's frosty origins to our contemporary present-day sport!
Figure Skating Scoring Systems Explained

Figure Skating Scoring Systems Explained

Get the complete debrief on how figure skating scoring systems work!
Beginners Guide to Figure Skating Equipment

Beginners Guide to Figure Skating Equipment

Prepare for any skating challenge you face on the ice, with this essential figure skating equipment list!
Figure Skater wearing Chique Sport Clothing.

Mastering the Axel Jump in 2024

Learn how to perfect one of the hardest ice skating moves in history, with our step-by-step guide to the legendary figure skating axel jump!
Figure Skater posing in Chique Sport clothing

Figure Skating Jumps Explained

Count down our top 6 figure skating jumps and explore how they're used within competitive settings!
Figure skater stretching arms

Figure Skating Jargon Made Easy

Brush up on your sports lingo as we countdown the top figure skating terms every skater should know!
Loena Hendrickx posing during a Chique Sport photoshoot, wearing black figure skating clothing.

How to Prevent Common Figure Skating Injuries

Learn how to prevent figure skating injuries as we explore the top ways to stay safe on the ice!
Figure Skating Short vs Long Program Explained

Kunstschaatsen Kort versus lang programma uitgelegd

Prêt à améliorer vos connaissances en patinage artistique ? Continuez à lire pour apprendre tout ce que vous devez savoir sur les programmes longs et courts des compétitions de patinage artistique.


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