What to Wear Figure Skating

What to Wear Figure Skating

Learn how to dress like a figure skater and make the ice-rink your catwalk!

If you're new to the world of ice skating or figure skating, knowing what to wear on the rink can be daunting - but it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you're a hobbyist looking to enjoy some fun on the ice or a beginner figure skater preparing for lessons, this guide will help you choose the right clothing to stay comfortable, warm and stylish on the rink.


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What Do Figure Skaters Wear?
What To Wear Figure Skating

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Jackets
  • Dresses
  • Accessories

Start Building Your Figure Skating Wardrobe

What Do Figure Skaters Wear?

Traditionally figure skaters have always worn form-fitting outfits that allow you to move freely and look extra graceful on the ice.

In figure skating competitions, there are also some interesting rules: women often wear dresses or skirts with tights, while men stick to trousers and fitted tops. Competition outfits need to be modest, covering the hips and bum, and shouldn't be too revealing.

However figure skating clothing has come a long way over the years, especially for practice and training. On your local ice rink today, you’re sure to see clothing that offers practicality, comfort, safety and style.

These are the things you want to look for when you’re choosing your gear. Clothes that:
  • Let you move without restriction.
  • Keep you warm but not too hot.
  • Stay snug to avoid any snagging and protect you from falls.
  • Look good to boost your confidence on the ice!

What to Wear to Figure Skating

If you’re just beginning figure skating lessons or even starting to skate as a casual hobby, you'll see some common types of outfit on the ice.

For professional figure skating lessons, coaches usually like their students to dress like figure skaters, in form-fitting outfits. This allows coaches to see their students form, and easily correct it if necessary. Dressing like a figure skater also helps you get into the right skating mindset, so it’s a good idea to follow this practice even if you just use the ice for fun!

To help you get started, we've created this list of clothing for ice skating and figure skating success…

Tops to Wear Figure Skating

When choosing tops to wear for figure skating, it's best to go for stretchy, tight-fitting materials. During coaching sessions, avoid wearing extremely loose, oversized or bulky tops, as these can hinder movement and obscure the coach’s view of your form.

It’s best to have a few different top options on rotation, especially if you skate weekly.

Here’s some you can choose from:

  • T-shirts or tank tops - a great everyday option for all types of skaters - men, women and kids alike. Short sleeves/sleeveless tops keep you cool during intense practice sessions.
  • Crop tops - perfect for warm indoor skating sessions, especially during the summer months and for women and girls who prefer less coverage. For colder sessions, you can also layer these under a long sleeve top.
  • Long sleeve tops - one of the most popular top options for both women and men, providing maximum coverage and warmth. It’s good to have a few long sleeve tops when you’re first learning to skate, to protect your skin from on-ice grazes.
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Bottoms to Wear Figure Skating 

When choosing bottoms for figure skating, it's also essential to go for high-stretch materials that provide flexibility and warmth. The fit should be snug to ensure no excess fabric gets in the way of your movements.

Here’s your options when it comes to figure skating bottoms:

  • Figure skating leggings - an ideal choice for female figure skaters, as they fit snugly and allow you to achieve all sorts of movements. However, it’s important to choose leggings specifically designed for figure skating…

    Our on-ice figure skating leggings are made using four-way stretch material and have wide high waistbands, meaning they don’t slip down during practice. Plus they feature cut resistant panels, so they don’t rip or go holey around the ankle area (a common problem for skaters).
  • Slim-fit joggers - Great for male figure skaters during on-ice practice. A relaxed fit offers mobility and provides coverage. Cuffed ankles are a must, and a drawstring waistband keeps them secure.
  • Skirts & shorts - both are good choices for a different look, we’d advise pairing these with tights underneath for added warmth and protection. Although these are not the best option if you’re learning new skating elements, especially the drag
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Jackets to Wear Figure Skating

You may not think outerwear is an ideal clothing option for ice skating or figure skating practice - but activewear jackets, coats and bodywarmers are actually very popular!

The key to success is layering - think lightweight, breathable and flexible fabrics, that can be easily removed as you warm up on the rink. Avoid heavy, bulky jackets or coats that restrict movement, these should be left in the cloak room area or at home.

For ice skating, there are a few different jacket options to choose from:

  • Bodywarmers (or gilets) - these are perfect for keeping the core warm while allowing free arm movement. Both male and female skaters pair these with long sleeve tops, for extra warmth.
  • Fitted jackets - a great choice for all skaters, particularly children who are practising in colder ice rinks. Not only can you wear them on the rink, you can wear them to and from practice.
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Dresses to Wear Figure Skating

All-in-one outfits, like dresses, catsuits or short suits, are great for figure and ice skating as they provide a streamlined fit and help you feel secure on the ice.

  • Dresses - if you really want to look like a figure skater, a figure skating training dress is the perfect option. Dresses are a classic for a reason, as they look elegant and can make your moves look even more graceful.

    Coaches often like their female figure skaters to wear a dress when practising competition routines, to assess initially how their performance will look in a dress rather than bottoms.
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Accessories to Wear Figure Skating

No outfit is complete without accessories, and figure skating outfits are no different!

While certain clothing accessories are often needed during figure skating practice, there are definitely a few types you should avoid wearing on the ice.

Most professional ice-rinks advise skaters not to wear accessories that may fall off or cause a tripping hazard. So next time you head to the rink, make sure to leave any long scarves, loose hats or headphones in your locker.

Instead, try wearing these helpful accessories for figure skating:

  • Gloves - if you've ever fallen on ice with bare hands, you’ll know how painful it can be! Wearing gloves not only keeps your hands warm from the cold ice rink air, it also protects them from scratches during falls.
  • Socks - avoid woolly socks, as these can make your feet sweat, which can then freeze and make your feet colder. Instead, go for thinner socks made from moisture-wicking materials.
  • Headbands - not only are these a fashion staple, they’re also great for keeping flyaway hairs off your face during practice - useful for skaters with long hair that’s difficult to tie back.
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Start Building Your Figure Skating Wardrobe

And that’s a wrap - we hope this has helped you figure out what to wear ice skating!

Feel free to use this as a checklist when building your figure skating wardrobe - but just remember it can take time to accumulate these items, so get things in stages.

While you can opt for cheaper alternatives, investing in quality clothing is wise if you plan to stick with figure skating or ice skating. Quality gear will stand the test of time and enhance your performance and comfort on the ice.

Our clothing is designed by figure skaters, for figure skaters. We understand the pain points, know what skaters need in their clothing and ensure our designs meet the sport's demands.

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