Inspire Non-Slip Leggings
Inspire Non-Slip Leggings

Inspire Non-Slip Leggings

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Size:XS - 34

Our non-slip leggings are a must-have for any skater and are ideal for training as they hug the body without the distraction of slippage.

Unlike our other ranges, the Inspire leggings have our Chique Sport branding emblazoned down the right outer calf area, which creates a nice contrast to the more simply styled left leg. The Chique Sport name appears in reflective print on a strip of solid fabric, which is coloured Neon Pink, Imperial Purple or Ice Black, depending on which option you choose. On either side of this is breathable black mesh, which flows around the front and back of the calf and ends just above the ankle. Cut-resistant fabric then extends down to cover the ankle and the top of the wearer’s skates, protecting the leggings from rips. 

Most of the detailing on the Inspire non-slip leggings centres on the right leg of the garment. However, the left leg has a flatlock black outside seam skimming the ankle, front and back, which adds definition. The Chique Sport reflective logo also appears on the back of the left leg, just below the knee.

Made from our high-quality four-way stretch fabric and with a wide fitted waistband for added comfort and functionality, the Inspire non-slip leggings are perfect whether you’re training on or off ice.

Available in Flame Red, Imperial Purple, Neon Pink and Ice Black.

Key features:

  • Non-slip
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Fitted waistband
  • Flexible fit
  • Durable
  • Cut-resistant fabric
  • Flatlock black outside seam


Trainingsuitrusting die net zo hard werkt als jij

Jenna McCorkell

Pro Gear door een professionele kunstschaatser en coach

Er is een professional voor nodig om professionele resultaten te produceren, daarom is Chique Sport-kleding snel het merk geworden voor professionele kunstschaatsers over de hele wereld. Chique Sport, ontwikkeld door de Britse nationale kampioen en kunstschaatscoach, Jenna McCorkell, is een sportkledingcollectie die speciaal is ontworpen voor elite kunstschaatsers door iemand die precies weet wat goede trainingsuitrusting vereist.

ademend en flexibel

Materialen die tot het uiterste gaan

Met ademende, flexibele stof zijn onze Chique Sport-producten ideaal voor sporters die een stijlstatement willen maken - zodat u goed kunt trainen en er geweldig uitziet zoals u doet.

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